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Fresh Pasta

Our local Darwin kitchen produces many different shapes and flavours of our amazing fresh pasta.

Each type of pasta has a unique feel and experience, holding the sauce and mouth feel.

Currently we produce the following types of pasta: Spaghetti, Rigatoni, Casarecce, Campanella, Tagliatelle, Malfalde, Shells & Fusilli.

Gluten Free!  We also make several gluten free varieties of our amazing pastas.  

Fresh Pizza

Our Italian Head Chef Adriano ensures that our amazing pizzas are faithful to the amazing flavour and heritage that is Italian pizza.  Our pizzas are made with great fresh ingredients and prepared, ready for you to heat and eat.

Our amazing pizza range includes: Diavola, Melanzane, Margherita, Truffle Mushroom, Pig Lover.

Ready Made Meals

Everyone loves to enjoy the great taste of amazing pasta meals, and with our Ready Made Meals you can enjoy amazing meals in the comfort of your home.

Our ready made meals are conveniently packaged servings suitable for one, or add some sides and serve two.  Quick and easy to prepare, ready to eat in just minutes.

Our range of ready made meals is always evolving, but we always keep the good old favourites around.  These include: 

Fresh Pasta with… Napoletana, Bolognese, Chorizo & Zucchini, Boscaiola.

Gnocchi with… Napoletana or Bolognese.

We would be remiss to not mention our Family Sized 3kg Lasagna, great for feeding the hordes.